Cold Creek Kennels
Here at Cold Creek Kennels we breed our Treeing Walker Hounds for quality. We are trying to do away with the line breeding that everyone is doing now days. We believe to get a true hound you need to bring back the old blood lines and get rid of this line breeding. Alot of people are breeding for the hot nose over night short eared dogs. We breed for hound quality. A true hound has long ears and square full head. Now day you see these pencil faced dogs that are claiming to be hounds.

All our dogs are UKC, PKC, and AKC. They are DNA profiled and tested for burcellosis. We breed hounds for show and not only competition but for the pleasure hunters.
We breed American Pit Bull Terriers and "Bully pits". All pits will be sold on contract. Contract states that you agree not to use the dog for anything rendered ILLEGAL. WE DO NOT BREED OUR PITS FOR FIGHTING. NOR DO WE SELL THEM TO PEOPLE WITH HISTORY OR INTENT TO DO HARM TO OTHER PEOPLE OF ANIMALS WITH THE DOG.

We deal with ADBA and UKC when registering out pits. Not all dogs are registered.